Helen M. Szablya

Internationally renowned author and lecturer – a tireless advocate for democracy and freedom.

Helen, WA Governor Christine Gregoire, Mike Gregoire, Dr. John Szablya

Helen with Governor Bill Clinton

Helen Representing Hungary


Ambassador Gyorgy Szapáry’s first visit to Seattle February 2011.


Lt. Gov. of WA and Helen, President of Consular Association of WA stand in the middle, surrounded by the other consuls at the reception before the State of the State address in 2009.


Madeleine Albright at Microsoft with Helen and John Szablya


Ibolya Dávid, Hungarian Minister of Justice in the white suit, John and Helen on the left, on the right Helen A. Szablya, daughter, and Géza Jeszenszky, Hungarian Ambassador to the USA,(Hungarian Foreign Minister 1990-94).


Helen receiving plaque for 10 years as Hon. Consul of Hungary for WA, OR, and ID at the World Conference of Hon. Consuls, from László Kovács, Hungarian Foreign Minister.



Helen, John and Emese Komjáthy, Hawaiian Hungarian Hon. Consul at the Executive Offices of the White House after the annual White House briefing for the Hungarian American Coalition.


Chicago 1992. First joint meeting of all Hungarian-American Chambers of Commerce in the USA. Left to right: Iván Novák, Commercial Counselor of Hungary in Chicago, Helen, Eva and Paul Voisin (she became Hon. Consul in San Francisco the same day I did), Tibor Nemes, Commercial Counselor in New York.


Victor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister 1998-2002 and now 2010-2014, with his wife, Dr. Anikó Lévai, when they were still really young. Victor Orbán was Head of the FIDESZ Party even then. Dinner with the Szablya Family at Godfather’s Pizza.


Opening of the Hungarian Consulate in Seattle. Front row: Helen, Eva Mikes, Vice Mayor of Pécs, Seattle’s Sister City. Second row: Anrás Márton, Consul General from Los Angeles, John, Pál Tarr, Hungarian Ambassador to the USA, holding the plaque for the Consulate and Prof. Woods, Head of the World Affairs Council in Seattle in 1993.


A visitor from Pécs, Antonio de Blasio, World Health organization representative toasting with Helen during his Seattle visit, in the “Szablya Hotel” – the Szablya’s home on Somerset, in Bellevue.


New Publication!
"Helen Szablya's story will shed light on dramatic era in European history, one which Americans hardly know and will find fascinating to discover."
--Anne Applebaum Columnist for Washington Post, Author of Gulag and Between East and West: Across the Borderlands of Europe.”
This book describes the true stories of people who were deported. Edited and researched by Dr. Zsuzsa Hantó, launched February 3, 2013 in Hungary. Available only in Hungary, in Hungarian.
“A gripping account of the Hungarian uprising of 1956. A page-turner.”
--Kirkus Reviews
Available: Boyds Mills Press, or any bookstore can order it. In Hungary from Holnap Kiadó.
Publication compiled by the Hungarian American Coalition for the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprishing. Includes personal story of escape by Helen M Szablya (mother) and Helen A Szablya (daughter). Book also translated into Hungarian.
English translation and editing from the original Hungarian. Currently out of print but used copies can be found on amazon.com and eBay.
Oral history drama
Every word spoken on stage was said by persons who actually lived the experience.
Catholic News weekly column for over 10 years in Trinidad and Tobago. The publication was sent to other Caribbean islands as well for subscribers.